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Raising curious kids

exploring frozen puddles

Children are curious by nature, they ask a lot of questions, and rightly so; the world is a complex place for little ones (and adults) to comprehend, and it is our responsibility, as parents, to nurture that curiosity. The importance of nurturing curiosity I strongly believe that by encouraging imagination and curiosity in our toddlers we are setting them up for a lifelong love of learning. As parents, we want our children to have a thirst for knowledge, and empower…

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Playful learning (2-5 years)

Snowmen Tracing Activity with FREE Printable

snowmen tracing pre-writing free printable

I created Rosalie this snowmen tracing printable last week for some pre-writing, pencil control and fine motor practice. She loves using her whiteboard pens and tracing over things, just as much as she enjoys rubbing them out I think! To do this activity with your toddler, simply download the free snowmen tracing printable, print it out and laminate it. Set your child up with the printable and a whiteboard or dry wipe pen, and let them try and trace the…

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Preparing for a home birth {38 weeks pregnant}

38 weeks pregnant upright birth CUB

A home birth was the logical choice for me, so even before we were expecting our second baby I knew I would want to give birth at home, if we were lucky enough to get pregnant again. I didn’t plan to have Rosalie at home, it just happened that way – my labour was very fast and there was no way we would have made it to the hospital, so she was delivered by ambulance crew on the living room floor.…

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Playful learning (2-5 years)

How to create an Arctic Small World

arctic small world

This Arctic Small World proved to be a big hit with Rosalie, and with me because it was so simple to set up! It gave her opportunities for sensory play as well as imaginary play, and the instant snow is amazing! Setting up the Arctic Small World Here’s what I used to set up Rosalie’s arctic small world: Our trusty tray Water beads in blue and white Ice Insta-Snow Polar animals If you’re not familiar with water beads then you have…

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Playful learning (2-5 years)

Winter word/picture match game with FREE printable

winter themed word and picture matching game for toddlers

Last week I made Rosalie a little winter themed picture matching game*. She really enjoys playing with rice, and her winter sensory tray has been a big hit this season, but to change it up a bit this I spy matching game made for a fun variation. How to play Download and print the picture matching game. Laminate the sheet to make it durable and reusable (optional). Cut along the blue lines to split the game page into pictures and…

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Playful learning (2-5 years)

Snowman play dough

snowman play dough play - white, sparkly play dough recipe

As part of our Snow and Snowmen themed playful learning this January we made a batch of white play dough so that Rosalie could have some fun stamping out snowmen and decorating them. Our go-to play dough recipe is from The Imagination Tree, and we adapted Anna’s basic no-cook recipe to suit our theme. Because this recipe is made with cornflour the play dough has a different texture and behaves slightly differently (similar to that of a non-Newtonian fluid), giving…

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On the bookshelf in January

winter and snow themed books for toddlers

Our Playful Learning themes for January are Winter, Snow and Snowmen, so I have loaded Rosalie’s bookshelf with appropriate books to complement our activities. Luckily (I planned it that way!) she got a number of wintry books in her book advent calendar.  So here’s what’s on our bookshelf this month: Charlie Crow in the Snow  A delightful story that looks at how things change in winter – the leaves fall off Charlie’s tree, the water in his stream turns to…

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Playful learning (2-5 years)

Snow and Snowmen themes {playful learning}

Winter & Snow Themed Play

With 2016 behind us now, I have been planning January’s Playful Learning activities to do with Rosalie, and this month they will be around winter, snow and snowmen, with a bit of New Year thrown in too. Our festive playful learning in December was really successful, Rosalie and I did loads of fun activities together and she enjoyed having new things to do. I am hoping that by planning out our activities for the next few months I will be able…

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My family

Me & Mine – December 2016

Me and Mine family portrait December 2016

December has been a wonderful month, Rosalie and I have done lots of fun crafts and activities as well as festive baking. We have also celebrated Rosalie’s third birthday, which was a relaxed day of present opening, playing with toys and eating cake. And of course we’ve had the big day itself which was amazing this year as Rosalie really understood what was happening, and it was just perfect hearing her find her stocking on Christmas morning then drag it…

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My favourite posts of 2016

fresh blog layout for spring

My favourite posts These are some of my favourite posts from 2016 – click the images to read the posts! Toddler Curiosity and Embracing Simple Things One of the best things about having a toddler is the way they make you slow down, stop even, and take notice of so many tiny things that you would otherwise overlook, walk past, or maybe sometimes consider an inconvenience. Rosalie is so curious, noticing everything, collecting, touching, smelling. Aren’t toddlers great for helping us enjoy the…

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