Bargainous Basket Chair {Up-cycling}

I got a real bargain on eBay last autumn- a Lloyd Loom style wicker basket chair for ยฃ10.50! It was a rather nasty shade of blue, and where the paint was chipped off in places there was a rusty red colour coming through! It was also rather dusty and had a few dead spiders on the underside!

Once I got it home I cleaned it up using warm water and some rags, and rubbed down the loose paint.

I wanted to paint my chair cream, and when I went to choose the paint I fell in love with this Regency White paint from Craig & Rose. I have used the Craig & Rose eggshell paints before, and they go on really smoothly and have a gorgeous finish.

I did the first two coats of paint with cheap brilliant white, to cover the blue. The chair did go through a mouldy looking stage, where it was mostly white with flecks of blue showing through!!

It was fairly time consuming to paint the chair, and the first coat was particularly hard as you don’t want to block up the weave by putting a thick layer of paint on. I found a sort of stippling technique worked quite well.

I mostly did the painting in the evenings after work, and it took me the best part of a week, plus some of the weekend. Definitely worth it though.

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