An Unpredictable Christmas

With Rosalie being born just a few days before Christmas, we weren’t sure how the festivities would pan out.
Luckily, because we had prepared as much as possible, we managed to have my family’s tradition of baked ham on Christmas eve. I had made braised red cabbage and leeks in cheese sauce and frozen them earlier in the month, so we had a tasty meal without too much effort. Well done Jimbo for an amazing job cooking the ham and plating it all up!
We also managed to eat Christmas dinner on Christmas day, thanks again to the wonderful Jim for cooking it all! Rosalie even allowed us to eat it whilst it was hot, although if I remember correctly (sleep deprivation tends to mess with your memory) Jim did end up chopping his up and eating one handed whilst holding Rosalie.
We eventually got around to opening our stockings at about 4pm. Here is Rosalie looking tiny against the stocking I made for her; and mummy feeling too exhausted to look at the camera.
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