Rosalie’s update: The one with all the wriggles (month 1)

Babies change so fast, it is really easy to forget the little achievements; and things that seem massive now might pale into insignificance as they get older. So I thought it would be interesting and fun, as well as an aide-memoire, if I wrote a small update each month of Rosalie’s ‘skills’ – ones she’s mastered and those that she’s working towards.

So here is a summary of Rosalie’s development over her first four weeks of life.

Even in the womb she was a real wriggler. I often wondered “when does this baby sleep?” Because she was just so damn wriggly; and when she wasn’t wriggling she was hiccuping, and this happened a lot. So, it was no real surprise I suppose that once she was born she continued to wriggle and hiccup her way through the day… and night!

Rosalie could never be described as a ‘calm’ baby as her legs are always pedalling away – on the change mat, in the bouncy chair, under the blankets in the cot.

Apart from the wriggling and hiccuping, over the course of the month (where did those 4 weeks go?) our little pickle has mastered the following skills:

  • Staring at your face
  • Sticking out her tongue (thank you Grandad!)
  • Lifting her head
  • Exploding out of her nappy
  • Looking unbelievably cute

She is also trying desperately hard to smile so I think we might get our first one of those soon!

She has yet to master breastfeeding, but we are struggling on. I know it is a skill we have to learn together so I am just as much to blame here, but come on Rosalie, we need you to start putting on some proper weight poppet.

Rosalie at 1 month old, showing us her tongue poking skills.

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