Rosalie escapes Berkshire

At the end of February we decided to take the plunge and venture outside Berkshire, for a long weekend to my parents in Somerset, with our two month old daughter. My concerns about whether everything would fit in the car were unnecessary and the Almera, although definitely loaded up, met the challenge.

We trundled down the A303, making a stop at Solstice Park to check on Rosalie. She slept for the whole journey, what an angel, and we made it to Somerset in time for lunch. As always mum had cooked up a feast for dinner, which was a good job as we needed our strength for the ‘Rosalie viewing’ mum was hosting the following day.
Since most of my relations live in Somerset, we thought it would be a good idea to invite them all around to see Rosalie in one go, rather than making individual trips to each. It was wonderful to see everyone and Rosalie was on fine form with several explosive nappies! It was a good if exhausting day, and I think Rosalie got a little overstimulated as her sleep was a bit disturbed that night.
The trip was a huge success: we didn’t forget anything essential, Rosalie didn’t run out of clothes, we all got some sleep and lots of people got baby cuddles! I think Granny and Grandad really missed her when we left.
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