Rosalie’s update: The one with the mini push-ups (month 3)

Rosalie has always enjoyed ‘Tummy Time’ – being placed on her tummy and encouraged to lift her head for the purpose of strengthening her upper body to prepare for crawling. I have mentioned in previous skills update posts how she has mastered lifting her head, but this month she we witnessed the ‘mini push-up’. She has started to rest on her arms and hold her head and shoulders off the ground. She has discovered she can get a much better view of her toys this way!

When offered a light rattle, she will attempt to hold it for a short period of time. She also reaches out for things dangled in front of her, although her aim is still a little shaky.

Instead of snoozing her way through all our pram walks, she has also started to become more interested in what is going on. This has added an extra level of difficulty to the breastfeeding as she does get easily distracted, but we are definitely making progress here.

In summary, at three months old, Rosalie has mastered the following skills:

  • Mini push-ups
  • Holding a rattle
  • Batting at toys
  • Being alert
  • Recognising mummy’s face


Rosalie at about 11 weeks, enjoying a good book whilst doing a mini push-up!

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