Rosalie’s update: The one where the giggles begin (month 5)

The past month has probably been the most rewarding so far, as Rosalie is showing us how happy she is through her smile and her wonderful giggles. She laughs so much sometimes that she gives herself the hiccups. At first we had to try hard to coax out her elusive laugh, by repeated tickling and blowing raspberries, but now a simple game of peekaboo, or gobbling her hands and feet cause her to erupt into the most adorable giggles and squeals.

She’s beginning to show signs of becoming mobile too, as her legs get stronger and she regularly rolls onto her side and shuffles round in a circle. She has rolled right over, but it’s not a regular occurrence.

I wouldn’t say we are getting into a routine as such, but she is becoming a lot more predictable and we nearly always get at least 7 hours sleep at night now; thank you baby girl!

So, in summary, Rosalie is now:

  • Able to do a dinosaur impression
  • Giggling
  • Eating her toes
  • Good at aided sitting
  • Perfecting her grasp
  • Rolling
  • Passing things from hand to hand
  • Shuffling round in circles
  • Enjoying standing (whilst held of course!)
  • Fascinated by the ‘baby in the mirror’

Since we have been attending Jolly Babies once a week I have felt that Rosalie is becoming more skilled with her hands and that clapping will soon be mastered. At the moment she tries to clap but just ends up slapping her thighs, which is entertaining in itself!

Rosalie at 21 weeks enjoying the warm weather and giggling away.

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