Rosalie’s update: The one with the rolling and the sitting (month 6)

Rosalie has now mastered rolling; I leave her on her back on the floor when I go to wash my hands and when I return 2 minutes later she is on her tummy. She is so stealthy with it now too, we don’t get any of the exasperated grunts that we used to, she just ever so smoothly flips herself from back to front. We had a few terrible nights when she kept rolling over in her cot and getting stuck on her tummy then getting really grumpy; but once she learnt to roll back it wasn’t a problem anymore.

She is also doing wonderfully with her sitting; she can sit on her own for a good few minutes now without toppling over, as long as she is looking straight ahead. If she looks around she tends to fall sideways or backwards. It does make playing more fun though, as I can sit her up with a pillow behind and have two hands free to pass toys and do action songs.

Although the recommendation is to wait until your baby is 6 months old before giving them solid food, we couldn’t resist offering Rosalie a few bits of food at meal times, to see what she made of it. She seems to enjoy being up in her highchair with us when we are eating and shows a great interest in food. We have offered her a few bits of fruit and vegetable and although she gives everything a good gum, ultimately she spits it out. Anything swallowed is purely accidental at this stage I think.

I did have a shock when I opened an alarming nappy, but Jim reminded me we had given her broccoli the night before!

We have taken Rosalie swimming twice now, the first time she seemed to love it, the second time she cried…a lot. We will take her again, but perhaps leave it a few weeks. She seems to enjoy her baths so I wonder if the swimming pool is just a bit too loud and also a little chilly?

All in all, it’s been quite an action packed month in terms of development and new experiences:

  • Rolling
  • Sitting un-aided
  • Casual weaning
  • Trying water from a beaker
  • Interesting nappies…
  • Swimming
  • Improved dexterity
  • Exploring faces with her hands (watch out if you wear glasses!)
  • Taking a ride in the backpack carrier
  • Crazy splashing in the bath

Rosalie at 24 weeks, looking very proud of herself for sitting on her own for the first time (for all of 5 seconds!).

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