Rosalie’s update: The one where eating involves food! (month 7)

I can’t believe I have a 7 month old daughter; I probably sound like a stuck record, but seriously, where does the time go?

So far the weaning is going well. We decided to go down the finger food / baby led weaning route, rather than making purees, and she seems to be enjoying it. I won’t lie to you though, it sure is messy!

She is pretty good at picking the food up and getting it into her mouth, gumming it then swallowing. Sometimes she tries to swallow a slightly larger lump but she deals with it, has a drink of water, then carries on! She is also gradually developing her pincer grip to enable her to pick up smaller things like peas. We also give her a beaker of water at meal times and she does her best to hold it; she is getting the hang of tipping it up to get the water to come out.

Unfortunately for us, all this progress with solid food does mean increasingly stinky, and somewhat fascinating, nappies. Jim does not share this fascination. I actually quite enjoy (is enjoy too strong a word?) seeing what comes out the other end. We learn from this.

We thought she was starting to wave whilst on holiday, when she was shaking her cucumber at a lady waving on the beach, but alas, she hasn’t got any better despite daily practice. The same with clapping, progress seems to have slowed down. She prefers to slap her belly or thighs with excitement.

She experienced lots of new things on holiday with Granny and Grandad in Somerset – the sea, sand, nasty seagulls, rabbits, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep and a wedding.

Not a skill, but after a shaky start in the hair department, coupled with cradle cap and a dry scalp, Rosalie is finally starting to grow hair! Now it has begun growing it seems to be visibly getting longer by the day. Fingers crossed it wont be too long before she is sporting a full head of hair.

To summarise, Rosalie is now:

  • Eating solid food
  • Drinking water from a beaker
  • Growing hair
  • Great at playing peekaboo

Rosalie at 28 weeks dabbling her toes in the sea with Daddy at Lyme Regis.

We are trying to teach her how to kiss by saying kiss for Rosalie, followed by a kiss on the cheek, then kiss for mummy/daddy whilst offering our cheek – currently we have about a 30% success rate, higher if you consider being licked just as good as a kiss?!

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