Rosalie’s update: The one with the commando crawl (month 8)

It’s happening, the monster is on the move! She started by using furniture to push off and grab hold of to drag herself along, and now she does a commando style belly crawl with so much energy and enthusiasm, it’s adorable.

We also had our first proper clapping this month – we were at a music group at the Children’s Centre singing ‘If you’re happy and you know it’, and in response to “clap your hands” she clapped! She seemed really pleased with herself and I then couldn’t stop her from clapping for the rest of the afternoon.

Her manual dexterity is coming on leaps and bounds – she enjoys picking up a toy in both hands and banging them together, or banging them on the table. She has a pair of maracas that she just loves.

The feeding is going well; as she becomes more dexterous she is able to pop bite size bits of food into her mouth, which is good for me as the level of mess is reducing. However she has learnt to drop things, so if she doesn’t want to eat something she tries to be really sneaky and drop it off the side of her highchair. And she does the same with her bib, she is a master at getting that off. But how can you get cross? She is after all just learning.

The babbling is becoming more and more distinct with definite da da sounds, although she doesn’t yet connect them to daddy.

So, at 8 months old Rosalie can now:

  • Commando crawl
  • Clap in response to the word ‘clap’
  • Bang her toys together
  • Successfully remove her bib
  • Feed herself and the floor
  • Say ‘da da’

Here she is at 34 weeks showing us her clapping skills.

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