Rosalie’s update: The one with the standing, shaking and squealing (month 9)

So, I have a 9 month old. Rosalie has now been longer outside me than she was inside me. And there is no stopping her now – she is still commando crawling, but is getting faster by the day. I really have to watch her now as she can make it across the room in just a few seconds. Despite having numerous toys to play with on her mat, the ‘grown up’ things on the other side of the room are far more fascinating. We have baby proofed the nursery and put a gate across the door so she has a totally safe place to play.

She has always enjoyed being stood up but now she likes to stand holding onto the furniture. So far she hasn’t made any attempts to ‘cruise’, but she likes to survey her surroundings from this new elevated position!
We have taken her to the park a few times recently and she loves the swings, she just looks so happy and if I grab her toes she squeals with delight, such a wonderful sound. She also squeals when we play peekaboo, and her laugh is just the best sound.

I think we have had a breakthrough with the maracas this month – she has finally figured out that they are not lollipops but are for shaking – she grabs one in each hand and goes crazy.

We’ve had a few new sounds recently, in addition to ‘da da’, we can now make out ‘ba ba’ and ‘la la’. I am pretty sure she can understand some simple commands now too, even if nine times out of ten she looks round cheekily then carries on!

Not technically a skill, but she also got her first tooth this month. We didn’t seem to have too much trouble with the teething; it seemed like the tooth was ready to break through for a while before it actually appeared. I think the presence of teeth is aiding with eating as she can now tear food, cave-woman style.

So, month nine, quite a month! In summary she is now:

  • Speedy at commando crawling
  • Standing holding onto furniture
  • Squealing with delight
  • Shaking her maracas
  • Saying dada, baba and lala

Here’s the little monkey, showing us how well she can stand, at 39 weeks.

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