#4 Lavender Biscuits {Baking Bible Challenge}

On to bake number four of my Baking Bible Challenge, where I am endeavouring to cook all 219 recipes from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible. Today I chose to make Lavender Biscuits, and for this I used fresh lavender picked from my garden.

I only tried lavender in a cake for the first time about a month ago, when I had a piece of lavender tiffin on holiday. It was definitely different, but exceedingly delicious! And fortunately I can say the same about these biscuits!

Again, the recipe was fairly straightforward, I used my Kenwood Chef for the heaving beating but then used my hands to combine the dough. My biscuits did turn out quite pale, and I ended up cooking them for about 5 minutes longer than Mary Berry advises, so I wonder if my oven wasn’t quite at the correct temperature. I think I’m going to add oven thermometer to my Christmas list!

The recipe for these biscuits can be found on page 206 of the Baking Bible. Here’s a little lavender biscuit baking montage!

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