Happy Days #1

Joining in with the HappyDays Linky, inspiring people to make the most of every day.

Out and about

This week, with the weather being so good, we managed several pushchair walks and a trip to the swings. R loves the swings now and squeals with delight! We also go to Jolly Babies on a Tuesday each week – these classes are brilliant and I would urge anyone with a baby to go along if you have one in your area, usually you get the first session free as a taster.

On Saturday we took a trip to visit some friends in their (not so new) new house – the heavy rain meant driving conditions were pretty bad, but it was worth it. R slept in the car both ways, and was an angel whilst we were there. She sat up at the table and had some lasagne with the grown-ups! Daddy even fed her a little bit of cake, naughty!

Fun at home

This week we have been mostly practicing our crawling and our standing. To encourage her to crawl faster we have been playing ‘tag’ around the nursery. She doesn’t really get it, of course, because she is only 9.5 months old, but she giggles so much as I chase her on my hands and knees! It’s good exercise for me too!

We’ve also been doing lots of reading and singing. We learnt a new song at Jolly Babies encouraging sounds which we have been repeating at home, and it goes something a little like this:
Can you make this sound?
Mu mu mu mu mummy.
Can you make this sound?
Da da da da daddy.

Time for me

I spent a good few hours re-branding this blog which was great fun. I also spent a little time researching ‘linkys’ to get involved in, so hopefully my blog will get an extra injection of life.

My happiest moment

This week Rosalie has really started to show an interest in books. We have always read stories to her, and played with board books, and taken her to the library, but up until now her primary enjoyment has been in chewing them. But now she actually turns the pages and lifts the flaps, it’s brilliant and makes me so happy. I love reading so I really hope she will be a bookworm too!

Next week I would like to try…

To do more baking. My ‘Bake of the Week’ blog feature has slipped; I really want to try and do a bit of proper baking (not just the dinner) at least once a week. I can’t wait for when R is old enough to join in!

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