#29 Cut and Come Again Cake {Baking Bible Challenge}

This cake apparently gets its name because it is so delicious that people always want another slice. I was dubious to be honest, since I am not the biggest fan of fruit cakes. However I was pleasantly surprised.

This isn’t what I would call a proper fruit cake – it isn’t dark and overwhelmingly currant-y (despite having lots of currants in), it is in fact rather tasty! It does have quite a crusty top, but inside the cake is light, slightly crumbly, definitely fruity, and thanks to the mixed spice it has a lovely flavour. And just look at the distribution of fruit:

When I was putting the mixture into the tin I was actually a little concerned that it was too stiff, but perhaps this is just what the batter needed to be like to suspend the fruit.

I have a newly acquired mummy friend coming for coffee this morning, and I hear that proffering cake is the best way to endear yourself to sleep deprived mummies! Here’s hoping she likes it…

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