#30 Banana & Honey Teabread {Baking Bible Challenge}

I can’t quite believe I am on bake number thirty of my challenge! I’ve still got a long way to go though, and I fear that I am inadvertently avoiding the trickier recipes… Oh well, that’s a problem for future Jess to worry about!

Today I made Banana and Honey Teabread, I thought it sounded pretty straightforward but somehow I managed to make a mini mess when it came to turning the cake out of the tin. I have cleverly disguised the patch-up job in this photo.

My official taste testers say that it tastes good, and I do agree, but for me the cake is a little stodgy and I am chalking this up to two things:

  1. The weight of bananas stated in the ingredients list did not make it clear whether it was the peeled or unpeeled weight. I think I put too much banana in, therefore the recipe must give a weight of unpeeled bananas.
  2. The honey is measured in tablespoons, and we all know how tricky it is to accurately measure sticky, viscous ingredients like honey and syrup, so I think I ended up putting too much in.

I have made a note of these things in the recipe book, so hopefully my next attempt will be more successful. I am enjoying the learning curve associated with this challenge, there’s never a dull moment in my kitchen at the moment!

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