A weekend with Granny and Grandad

Every time we see my parents (about once every six-eight weeks) they say “oh, Rosalie has changed so much”, but this time it has never been truer – their baby granddaughter is well on the way to becoming a little girl now and they were so proud to see her walking and talking.

Mum now has a big box of toys for when the grand children visit – it contains lots of our old toys including my tea set! I can remember taking it down to the Wendy house at the bottom of the garden as if it were yesterday! The Wendy house is no more, but it’s wonderful seeing Rosalie playing with my old toys.

Lyme Regis

It was a bit of a shame that after a week of gorgeous weather the weekend turned grey and cold, but we still made the most of being away and in true British holidaymaker style we headed to the beach.

Lyme Regis is a really pretty town to potter around and has some lovely gardens overlooking the sea. The beach is sandy making it perfect for building sandcastles. Rosalie had a lovely time digging with her spade!

It was too cold for paddling in the sea, even Grandad didn’t go in! We enjoyed a picnic on the beach instead. You’ve got to be careful at Lyme though, the seagulls are vicious, they watch you like a hawk, waiting to steal your food, which one did! It was quite scary actually and I’m just glad it wasn’t Rosalie’s sandwich the seagull tried to steal.

Barrington Court

The gardens at Barrington Court are lovely, perfect for toddlers to practice their walking; as is the house because it’s unfurnished. We are all members of the National Trust and their properties make fantastic family days out.

Rosalie really enjoyed seeing, smelling and touching the colourful flowers, which Granny told her all the names of. And Grandad showed her the pond where they found a rather large and very ugly fish!

The Donkey Sanctuary

I can remember many happy visits to the Donkey Sanctuary as a child, and although it is much bigger now and has better facilities, it has still retained this little fellow (he looks much smaller and quite a lot more care worn than I recall). There is a photo (probably more than one) of me sat on this donkey when I’m about seven, so I just had to get a photo of Rosalie sat on him too, and an updated one of me!

We did a circular walk from the Donkey Sanctuary, out to the coast where we had our picnic on the beach, and back. It was quite windy and Rosalie had to hold onto her hat, being up so high in the backpack she was rather exposed! She does enjoy the view from up there though, and it’s fun to pat daddy and tell him to go faster.

Back at the Donkey Sanctuary Rosalie had her first up-close encounter with a donkey – she wasn’t sure what to make of him at first, but she soon got the confidence to stroke him and pull his ear!

We’ve had a lovely weekend staying with Granny and Grandad, showing Rosalie some of the places I went to as a child. We also get thoroughly spoiled with tea and cake and delicious meals when we stay with mum and dad!

On the way home we dropped in on some friends who have a little boy who is about six weeks older than Rosalie – it was lovely to see the little ones together; he is so much more stable on his feet than Rosalie, so a little taster of things to come!

Back to reality now, with added mountains of washing! How is it you can go away for only four days and seemingly have about four weeks’ worth of washing to do when you get back?!

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    April 29, 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Fab photos, sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love taking Oliver to places I used to visit as a child, it brings back such fond memories. xx

  • Reply
    Jess Eliot
    May 5, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    Thanks Becky ๐Ÿ™‚ It's great re-living your childhood again isn't it?!! xx

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