#44 Lemon Cream Tartlets {Baking Bible Challenge}

I thought these little tartlets seemed like the perfect summer pudding to whip up at the weekend. I’d already made the lemon curd last week, so the rest I imagined would be easy. Well, it was easy, but not without frustration.

The cases are made from shortbread, and for some reason, mine were extra crumbly and I had to cook them for nearly 10 minutes longer than Mary Berry instructed to ensure they were firm enough to lift out of the tins without disintegrating.

I had a few casualties but most of them came out fine in the end; finding the balance between being too hot from the oven and having cooled down too much was tricky. But once assembled I think they look quite impressive, and the homemade lemon curd does make all the difference to the taste.

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