Rosalie’s update: The one where words get repeated (month 18)

At the beach

18 months old. I have an 18 month old. My daughter is one and a half. Sorry, just trying to get my head around it! I’ve just been looking back over some old photos from this time last year and it’s incredible how far she’s come. Look at her 6 month update from June last year, she’d just learnt to sit up un-aided and was having her first taste of real food!

Well, a year later and she is running around, talking, climbing, jumping (she thinks she’s jumping but her feet don’t leave the ground), scoffing food and being super cheeky like a proper little girl.

18 months

She is a real chatterbox and her verbal communication seems to get better every day. She can now ask for things she wants, tell me when she is thirsty or hungry, and delightfully if she needs the, ahem, bathroom. We have been doing our best to instill good manners and she can say please, thank you and sorry (when she’s in a good mood).

Unfortunately with all these vocabulary skills comes the dreaded word repetition, and we’ve suddenly found ourselves being extra careful with what we say in front of her. Why do they always pick up on the naughty word and repeat it over and over?!

Jim taught Rosalie the phrase ‘two weeks’ with the accompanying actions from Total Recall and she wanders around the house randomly saying “two weeks dadda” whilst pulling at her cheeks – it’s brilliantly cute and hilarious!

Since we’ve been going for walks with her on foot she has discovered the delights of jumping and splashing in puddles. This is definitely something I want to encourage, when wearing the appropriate footwear. But somehow Rosalie managed to find a puddle at the wedding reception last weekend, splash in it wearing her totally inappropriate wedding shoes, and then land flat on her bottom in her dress before we’d even managed to photograph her! I didn’t mind really, I’d brought a spare dress for just such an eventuality, and I like that she explores!

The bond between her and Teddy seems to be even stronger – she has started to share her food and drink with him, makes us kiss him goodnight and involve him in story time, and she even wanted him to have a dip in the paddling pool. She wasn’t best pleased when mummy hung him up by his ears to dry!

We’ve moved up from Jolly Babies into an introductory Music with Mummy class which encourages her independence, and Rosalie loves action songs, her favourites being ‘if you’re happy and you know it’, ‘row, row, row your boat’, and a few teddy bear songs from Jolly Babies.

I’m not going to continue writing these monthly updates in the same way now Rosalie is 18 months old, I haven’t quite decided what I’ll do, so you’ll have to check back next month!

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