#48 (rustic) Chocolate Eclairs {Baking Bible Challenge}

Yesterday I had my first attempt at making choux pastry…and it went rather well actually!

I’ve been promising Jim I’ll make chocolate eclairs for ages, but I’d been putting it off as I was a bit nervous about making choux pastry. Actually the making of the pastry was quite straight forward, it just required a strong arm to do the beating.

I’m still not very good with my piping bag, so the choux ‘fingers’ didn’t come out in very even sizes! But once filled with cream and covered in chocolate fudge icing, I actually think they look moderately presentable! A friend recently told me that if I wasn’t too happy with the look of my bakes then I should just stick ‘rustic’ in front, so these are my rustic chocolate eclairs.

Oh, and they taste good too!

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