#52 Gateau St Honore {Baking Bible Challenge}

It’s been nearly a month since I have baked something for my Baking Bible Challenge. I did make one of the bakes I’ve already done, again, as the basis for my mum’s 60th birthday cake though, so I haven’t hung up my apron! But I thought I’d come back with a slightly more challenging bake: Gateau St Honore.

This pudding has sweet pastry on the bottom, a choux pastry ring, choux balls dipped in caramel and is filled with creme patissiere. Not for the faint hearted! I actually made it over two days in the end.

I found the sweet pastry and choux pastry pretty easy. Piping the choux pastry was made even easier by the use of my new nozzle that Rosalie kindly got me for my birthday. The creme patissiere was not as simple as I had hoped and the caramel was quite frankly a disaster! Jim actually had to rescue me, the pan and the spoon… thank goodness for practical husbands! Needless to say the caramel is very crunchy and I decided I wouldn’t attempt the spun sugar on this occasion – maybe next time.

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