#56 Queen Cakes {Baking Bible Challenge}

We had a mummy daughter baking session this morning, and the result was these Queen Cakes – I wanted to choose a recipe that was really simple so that Rosalie could help as much as possible.

When I tell her we’re going to do cooking she runs to the drawer to get her apron, then undoes the ties on the chair cushion before pushing the chair over to the counter ready to stand on. She knows where we keep the scales, the flour and the sugar.

I let her weigh out the flour all by herself today and she did a surprisingly good job! I obviously had to watch the numbers on the scales, but she managed to spoon the flour from the jar into the bowl with minimal spillage. I think her favourite part was weighing the rasins, and eating the spares!

After filling the muffin tin with paper cases herself, we held the spoon together to add the mixture. She loved peering through the oven door to see how they were getting on.

We sampled one as soon as they were cool enough, and I think Rosalie’s face says it all. But Teddy also said it was delicious!

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