Dear Baby Girl: Now You Are Two

Now you are two

Dear Rosalie,

It’s been over a month since your second birthday, how time flies, and how slack of me to not have written this post before now! We had such a lovely day celebrating with you – just me, you and daddy, at home. The thing you most wanted to do was have a picnic, so being December we decided an indoor carpet picnic would be most appropriate. You thoroughly enjoyed yourself, and requested a carpet picnic nearly every day over Christmas! You were thrilled with the bunny rabbit birthday cake I made you, and have now discovered a love for coconut.

What a year we have had – we’ve seen you turn from a baby into a toddler as you learnt to walk, then run. A whole new world of exploration opened up to you the day you took those first independent steps, and you just have not looked back. You love walking, especially when the park or feeding ducks are involved!

You have transformed into a little girl over the course of the year as your speech goes from strength to strength; one of the highlights for me was you singing me happy birthday back in August on my birthday! Your singing has even started to become tuneful, and I just love our little conversations too. Your constant chatter is such a delight to hear, and I especially love it when you say “look mummy…” or “what’s this mummy?” You’re so curious and have such an inquisitive mind, I hope that never stops.

It was a big day for you (and me) when we decided it was time to put you into a big girl bed – you looked so little under your duvet but you took to it almost straight away, with just a few disturbed nights whilst you got used to not having any sides.

It’s been such fun getting our bake on together – you’re actually quite good at spooning ingredients into the scale pan now, and it’s so cute to see you peer through the oven door to see how the cakes are getting on.

I feel my enthusiasm for crafts is still a little premature as really you are quite happy just being messy and are not interested in following my plan!

Best of all we like curling up in the chair together and reading book after book – I love how quickly you pick up the story and repeat bits back to me, and it amazes me how nicely you sit for such a long time when we’re looking at books.

You have started, how shall I say it? Exerting your independence, a lot more lately, and I am guessing we may have some difficult days ahead, but I am not phased. We are really looking forward to seeing what year three holds for you, baby girl.

All my love,

Mummy xxx

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