Me & Mine – January 2016

Joining in with the Me and Mine Family Portrait Project has been one of the best parts about blogging for me, and makes me really glad I started this little blog – I know that if it wasn’t for Me & Mine then I would have very few photographs of us all together as a family, so I am really grateful that the project forces me to take them. It was truly wonderful to look back over twelve months of portraits from last year, and I know that Jim was thrilled too, even if at the time he was less than thrilled to be dragged into a photo!

Despite the fact that I love having the photos to look back on, it can sometimes be a bit stressful actually taking them – remembering my camera and tripod on days out, then setting the camera up, getting in position… And if I forget to take one when we’re out, then taking them inside is really tricky for me – I can never get enough light.

Well this month was one of those months. I left it until the very last minute and today the weather has been horrid, but I really didn’t want to take an indoors picture. So, after Rosalie woke from her nap, we donned our hats, coats and boots and ventured out into the garden for some portrait-taking fun. It was almost dark and really not all that much fun, as you can tell from Rosalie’s face, but as a result we just scraped in with our family portrait for January!

January has been a long month with most of it seemingly taken up with us all having colds. We took Rosalie swimming one Saturday in early January, and she had a party at soft play on the Sunday, then that Monday she had a streaming cold and hasn’t really managed to shift it. Jim and I both got it too, so we’ve all been feeling pretty sorry for ourselves. Add to that teething on the back molars and you get this red faced little cherub.

The only upside of being unwell and the dreary weather is that we have been enjoying some snuggly afternoons and lots of hot chocolates! It really wouldn’t be winter in this house without big mugs of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and cream. The diet can start in the Spring!

I resolve to be more organised next month, and take our family portrait for February earlier in the month.

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    Clarina S
    February 1, 2016 at 1:16 am

    Oh! The light is a nightmare this time of year, isn't it?! We also left ours until the last minute, and I didn't take them until 4pm on deadline day! Eek! Just before the light went…phew! I, like you, won't be making that mistake again!

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    Jess Eliot
    February 3, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    I'm glad it's not just me who is both tardy and struggles with light!

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