#68 Walnut Teabread {Baking Bible Challenge}

Walnut Teabread

If you’ve never made teabread then you really should – it’s so easy and really delicious. And whoever thought of spreading cake with butter is a genius! Two of my favourite things combined into one super unhealthy mid-afternoon snack – I really ought to be fatter than I am.

I’ve been playing around with a bit of ‘food styling’ this week – I am fed up of my baking photographs looking boring so I’ve attempted to liven them up.

Walnut Teabread

I’ve become quite fascinated by the tricks people use to make their food look more delicious, but some render the food inedible! This did not suit me as the primary (only) reason for baking cake is to eat it, so I’ve had to make mine look tasty and actually BE tasty too.

Walnut Teabread

What do you think? Does my Walnut Teabread look tasty? It’s meant to have roughly chopped walnuts in it, but I don’t like discovering crunchy bits in my cake so I blitzed the walnuts in my nut mill, and now I have the flavour of the walnuts without the bite.

Walnut Teabread

The Baking Bible Challenge is a personal challenge I have set for myself, to bake all 219 recipes in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible.

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