Me & Mine – May 2016

Me & Mine Family Portrait May 2016

Well, I know I probably say this every month, but seriously, where has May gone? I was completely unprepared for this weekend being the last in May so our photos were a bit of a rush job. We hoped to take some when we were out and about but it’s sometimes tricky finding a spot to set up the tripod, does anyone else find this? Anyway, we ended up taking them in the garden and even got Rosalie to do some running to and from the tripod to keep her amused!

I think the sunny weather has really contributed to this month flying by – we started May with a sunny weekend in Somerset, have had some lovely local days out, and we’ve spent masses of time out in the garden – on the swing, playing in the sand and water table, messing around in the tuffspot and even in the paddling pool.

Me & Mine Family Portrait May 2016

This month I have been enjoying:

Days out with friends

Taking Rosalie to music class and hearing her sing so loudly

Not having to wear a coat, or even a jumper on some days!

Conversations with Rosalie, her speech is amazing and she comes out with the funniest things

Me & Mine Family Portrait May 2016

This month Rosalie has been enjoying:

Having a swing in the garden – she wants to be on it all the time!

Two-feet jumping

Seeing Granny and Grandad

Lots of outdoor playtime with her little friends

Messy fun in the tuffspot

Me & Mine Family Portrait May 2016

This month Daddy has been enjoying:

Taking Rosalie swimming

Date night and watching The Martian

Fitting lots of exercise into lunch breaks

Pushing Rosalie on her new swing

Me & Mine Family Portrait May 2016

My little family in May.

And here we are in May 2015 – I know Rosalie still isn’t blessed with much hair, but look how much it’s grown since this time last year! And Teddy was so plush and new in last years photos – now he’s definitely rocking the well-loved look, and has rather become the fourth member of our family as he regularly features in our family portraits.

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    June 1, 2016 at 8:17 pm

    Beautiful Photos, you all look so happy. I love little Rosalie’s dress too xx

    • Reply
      June 3, 2016 at 7:49 pm

      Thanks Hannah, we had fun taking these, and Rosalie enjoyed running backwards and forwards to press the shutter for us!! Her dress is from Sainsbury’s xx

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