A sunny weekend in Somerset

smelling tulips

We couldn’t have asked for better weather for our weekend trip down to Somerset to visit my family – beautiful sunshine the whole weekend. It was quite exciting packing summer clothes, sun hats and sunscreen!

It seems lots of other people had the same idea, as the A303 was a nightmare on the way down and cranky-pants refused to nap and kept asking to get out of her car seat. She’s potty trained now, but we put her in nappy pants for the journey as she hasn’t mastered bladder control whilst asleep yet, however, since she didn’t nap, she wanted to stop for toilet breaks. Nevermind, we made it to Lytes Carey in time to meet my parents for a picnic and stroll around the beautiful gardens.

exploring the gardens at Lytes Carey

Rosalie is so curious, she wanders aimlessly and notices everything, she loves to touch and smell the things she finds, I absolutely adore that about toddlers, they really make us slow down and take notice of all these little details we might otherwise miss. But who could resist sticking their nose in these beautiful blooms?

smelling tulips

We went on a little wander to find the woodland playground which had lots of logs for climbing on and jumping between, which Rosalie loved. There was also a den, but she was disappointed there was no swing as swinging is her absolute favourite activity.

dandelion clock bashing

^^ Rosalie prefers to bash the seeds off her dandelion clocks!

On Saturday we awoke to cloudy skies, but intrepid as we are we stuck with our plans for a day at the beach. By the time we had eaten breakfast, got ourselves ready and reached West Bay the sun was well on its way. It was breezy down on the beach but we all did some paddling and Granny and Grandad and Aunty E helped Rosalie make sandcastles whilst Jim and I took a back seat. It’s sometimes fun to watch Rosalie from afar, see how she interacts with other people.

R and daddy at West Bay

^^ Look at my brave, skinny munchkin, that water was freezing!

There is a brilliant playground at West Bay including several different types of swing. They’re expanding it at the moment and the workmen told us the new bit should be open by the end of May – we peeked over the fence and it looks like there will be a roundabout, slides, tunnels and more. It’s definitely a playground for all ages and we had to literally drag Rosalie away.

Granny bought us the most amazing Purbeck ice creams – Rosalie had a whole one to herself and I wish I had got a photo, but we were all too busy licking our dripping cones melting in the afternoon sun, and helping Rosalie to lick hers and not drop it!

On Sunday we went to Ferne Animal Sanctuary where Rosalie made friends with a cat, made music in the musical play area, tackled the fireman’s pole in the playground, chased some chickens, looked for the guinea pigs and drove the wooden tractor. They have a brass rubbing trail (free paper and pay 50p for a crayon) which we thought Rosalie would really enjoy but she wasn’t in the mood, so I completed it!

wooden tractor at ferne

I think Rosalie successfully managed to entertain Granny and Grandad with her running commentaries at meal times, and throughout the days. She really is such a character, I love her to pieces even when she’s being a pickle because she doesn’t want to go to sleep in a strange bed, or waking up early because the sun is streaming through her window.

Our journey home was much better as Rosalie was so worn out that she napped for the whole two hours. And we came back with a car full of plants which Rosalie and I put into the garden today.

Well, I don’t think this sunshine is meant to stick around for much longer, but it really has been lovely while it’s lasted – fingers crossed for more of that this summer!

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