Me & Mine – June 2016

me and mine june 2016

June seems to have passed me by in a bit of a blur, hence these rather rushed family portraits. We took them on Saturday on a day out to Basildon Park. Just as we pulled into the car park the heavens opened and we got the full works – torrential rain, thunder and lightening – so we settled for a car picnic, venturing out once the rain had stopped. We strolled round the gardens and took these pictures in a bit of a hurry due to the threatening black clouds looming overhead.

We ducked into the house a short while after taking these to avoid getting drenched! Not quite the weather you expect for June, perhaps July will bring with it more sunshine?

me and mine june 2016

This month I have been enjoying

Taking Rosalie strawberry picking

Picnicing at the Wilton Windmill

Watching Gotham

Teaching Rosalie the alphabet

This month Rosalie has been enjoying

Her new play area in the garden

Picking (eating) strawberries

Exploring new things at the Lookout Discovery Centre

Playing I Spy

Play dates with her little friends

This month Daddy has been enjoying

Playing Fallout 4

Becoming a Python boffin

Playing hide and seek with Rosalie

Getting sciency with Rosalie at the Lookout Discovery Centre

me and mine june 2016

My little family in June.

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