My baby girl is 30 months old

toddler on the common

I can’t quite believe that my baby girl is 30 months – two and a half years old – it seems like she only just turned two, I honestly don’t know where the past six months have gone.

I stopped doing monthly updates about Rosalie once she hit two because I felt like I wouldn’t have enough to say as the developments would slow down, but now six months have passed and there is so much to say I hope I can remember it all!

toddler smelling buttercup

Rosalie is such a chatterbox, she has always got something to say, and her speech just continues to astound us. I love having conversations with her and answering all her curious questions. Best of all, she has started singing at our Music with Mummy classes – she picks up the new songs really quickly, and sings so loudly it’s brilliant!

She still loves books and we spend a few hours every day reading books. We get 10 books out of the library every few weeks and she loves looking through the boxes and choosing ones to take home. Her favourites being Angelina Ballerina, Peppa Pig, Elmer and anything with Bears. At bedtime she always chooses to hear Teddy Robinson – the stories are charming and if you haven’t heard of them then you should look them up (I think you can only get them second hand) – I don’t know whether she loves them because of her affection for her own Teddy, or perhaps she loves her Teddy so much because of the delightful antics of Teddy Robinson. 


toddler on the common

She loves being out in the fresh air, running around, playing hide and seek, sniffing flowers and hunting bugs. But her favourite outdoor activity is of course puddle jumping! She also enjoys trips to the park, especially the big dish swing – she always looks so relaxed on it. We’ve seen her confidence on the equipment grow massively and she can climb on and off lots of things without help now, and has even mastered the rope tunnel by herself! The only thing she seems to dislike is the slide at the moment; she used to go down them but has taken a dislike recently.

We got her a swing for the garden and she goes on it every day and thanks me every time for getting it for her, it’s very sweet. She hasn’t learnt to kick her legs properly so we still have to push her – I think my arm muscles will be great by the end of the summer (goodbye bingo wings? I hope so!)

toddler on the common

Meal times are one of our biggest battles – she will eat lots of what she likes (namely pasta, peas and fruit) but is indifferent to most other things. She is generally pretty good at trying everything I cook, but if she doesn’t love it then she’ll say she’s finished after eating only a few spoonfuls. We don’t tend to offer her anything else other than fruit, so if she doesn’t eat it then she goes hungry.

Her sleep is still brilliant – she goes to bed at 8pm and then sleeps through until about 7.30am (sometimes later on the weekend, or earlier during the week if Daddy is crashing around). We had a few nights of night terrors around March time, but they stopped as quickly as they started, so we don’t really know what caused them. She dropped her nap at around 26 months and it was a difficult transition as she went from having 2-3 hours to 0 hours, and on some days she really needed to sleep but wouldn’t. I think now she can cope for a few days without a nap, but then it catches up with her and she’ll have a really cranky afternoon, or drop off if we’re in the car or reading stories.

Some other highlights of the past six months:

  • potty training
  • counting
  • learning to jump with two feet actually off the ground
  • gaining confidence in the swimming pool
  • drinking from an open cup
  • spooning ingredients into the bowl with only minimal spilling whilst baking
  • learning some of the alphabet and playing I spy
  • having hair just about long enough for a hair clip, woo hoo! (she won’t keep them in though…)
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