Me & Mine – August 2016

me and mine august 2016

Wow, August went fast! Can’t quite believe we’re on the brink of autumn. This month’s Me & Mine family portraits were taken by my good friend at the wedding of another good friend! Despite the wonderful weather we’ve had for most of August, the day of the wedding was wet and very windy. But we still managed some outdoor photos. It was a beautiful venue on the River Thames, and a lovely ceremony. This was Rosalie’s fourth wedding!

me and mine august 2016

This month I have been enjoying

Hearing our baby’s heartbeat!

Feeling little baby wriggles and flutters

Doing home pre-school with Rosalie

The amazing cake Jim and Rosalie made for my birthday

Watching The Flash

Having a date night out of the house (thanks to Granny & Grandad)


This month Rosalie has been enjoying

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat and talking through my tummy!

A day out with Granny and Grandad

Looking after our friend’s guinea pigs, especially picking them dandelion leaves

Starting home pre-school activities

Talking loudly during the wedding ceremony

The big girl swings at the park

me and mine august 2016

 This month Daddy has been enjoying

Hearing the baby’s heartbeat and feeling a tiny movement

Seeing an old friend get married

Baking with Rosalie and eating the resulting epic chocolate fudge cake

Meeting a friend’s new baby – you forget how tiny newborns are don’t you?

Watching Suicide Squad at the cinema on our date night

me and mine august 2016

My growing family in August.

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