Siblings and finding out what we’re having


Rosalie was there when I dipped that first pregnancy test into my sample pot, she told me she could see two pink lines and I told her she was going to be a big sister.

Since that day she has been really interested in the baby, asking me lots of questions and telling us how she’s going to teach the baby how to roll a ball and play games. I got her a book ‘What’s inside your tummy mummy?’ and now she delights in showing her belly button and saying ‘that’s where my umbilical cord was!’

As my bump has started to grow she has begun to put her ear on my tummy to listen for the baby, or put her face up close and shout ‘hello baby’! It’s really lovely and makes me a bit emotional. It was also making me even more excited to find out what we were having. We found out with Rosalie for a few reasons, mainly because I’m impatient but also because I found it easier to visualise our future once I knew what we were having. This time around my desire to find out was more driven by being able to tell Rosalie that she would be having either a baby brother or a baby sister, and so we could prepare a bit more.

We have taken Rosalie along to both the scans, and we were all thrilled to learn last week that our little baby is growing well, is healthy, and…

… is a girl!

Rosalie is going to have a little sister.

I could never imagine Rosalie being an only child. I grew up with two sisters and having siblings just seems like something you really need when you’re growing up: ready-made playmates to invent games with, confidantes and comrades.

But I am still worried. Rosalie will be three when the new baby arrives. She will have had three whole years living with just mummy and daddy, having our undivided attention. Having a sibling is going to shake up her world.

Despite her somewhat amazing knowledge of the pregnancy process (thanks to ‘What’s inside your tummy mummy?’) and her apparent excitement when she talks to and about the baby, I know she doesn’t really understand what it will mean when the new baby arrives. It does make me feel guilty – she’s going to have to share me with another small person and it’s not something she even had a say in.

But I am certain that, after some adjustment, Rosalie is going to be an amazing, caring big sister. She’s even said she might let the baby hug Teddy! And if you know Rosalie, that’s big! I think we’ll get the baby a new bear just in case…

20 weeks pregnant

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    September 19, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Ahhhh a girl – so excited for your little family, Jess! πŸ™‚ I share the same concerns about Jasmine in terms of suddenly having to share me and her daddy but I remind myself that I am growing a sibling for her. A little brother or sister to boss around (erm, I mean play with). It’s going to be a big adjustment at any age but it’ll be totally worth it. xx

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      September 20, 2016 at 7:37 am

      Thanks Jenna πŸ™‚ It is going to be a big adjustment but I know having a sibling is going to be great for Rosalie. Very exciting! xx

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