Capturing the ordinary moments

rosalie and mummy

I’ve enjoyed photography as a hobby for a long time – I won my first camera (the ‘sneaky snapper’ which was bright pink and Rosalie now plays with!) when I was quite young, maybe around 10, in a local photography competition; I got my first film SLR for my 18th birthday (over 15 years ago) and upgraded to a digital SLR about 10 years ago –  and that’s the camera I still use today – my Canon 350D.

I’m not going to pretend I am an amazing photographer because I’m not, but I do put a lot of time and effort into my photography, and I feel like I am improving every year, especially since having Rosalie because I take so many photos of her!

When she was first born, however, I didn’t get my SLR out at all, I found that it was easier to take photos on my phone because I always had it on me and it was easier to be spontaneous that way. But my phone camera wasn’t all that, and I get a bit mad when I look back at many of the photos from Rosalie’s first months because they are so blurry.

Of course I still love and cherish those first captures of my baby girl. But it’s the same now, I take my big camera when we go for proper days out, but I find it a bit of a burden to take for short trips in the week when it’s just me and I have to carry everything myself, and especially I feel a bit awkward wielding my SLR at the park. And at home if I have to rush off to get my big camera and mess around with settings the moment has usually passed.

So quite often I just don’t bother to take photos of these most ordinary of moments. But it’s these moments that really make up most of my days, and I want to capture them.

Which is why I was so thrilled to get a new phone (thank you Jimmy) which has an amazing camera! So now I am able to take gorgeous photos in the moment, and without looking conspicuous! Plus we can take good selfies now too!

I won’t be giving up my SLR, I’ll still take it when we go on big outings or for taking special photographs, but the phone camera is really handy for capturing our day-to-day lives – our ordinary moments.

Here’s a few shots taken with my new phone so far:

autumn leaves

autumn leaves

baking with mummy

mound slide

in the wendy house

rosalie and mummy

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