Birth hopes and a little pregnancy update

28 weeks pregnant

How many weeks?

I’m now 29 weeks pregnant – the second trimester is behind me and my worries about the little life I am growing have faded and morphed into worries about the birth of this precious life I’m nurturing.

Position of baby

At my 28 week appointment the midwife confirmed what I thought; that the baby is transverse. She is perfectly comfortable being sideways, with her bum and legs on my left side, and her head to the right. I on the other hand am anything but comfortable! I think the baby’s position may be contributing to some third trimester nausea and sickness which I have been experiencing during the night.

The baby being transverse is also causing me to worry about the birth, because you can’t birth a transverse baby naturally. To try and get the baby to change position I have been spending time on all fours, sitting/bouncing on my birthing ball, and trying to sit leaning forward rather than flopping on the sofa once Rosalie is in bed (easier said than done!). I know it is still early, but I can’t stop fretting.

Pelvic pain

I’ve been experiencing pelvic pain for a number of weeks now, it’s worst when standing on one leg (so I have to sit down to put on trousers), getting in and out of the bed and car, and sitting in any position other than with my legs together and level. Turning over in bed at night is agony. It has also made walking any distance quite difficult which has bothered me the most since Rosalie and I like to do a lot of wandering together. I’ve been a pretty lame mummy lately. I find if I do push myself one day, then I really pay for it the next.

Birth hopes

At my very first midwife appointment, at not quite 8 weeks pregnant, the first question the midwife asked me was “where would you like to give birth?”. I knew already that my answer would be “at home”. After explaining my reasons my midwife was fully supportive of this, assuming no complications arose during my pregnancy.

Why home birth?

The main driving force for me wanting a home birth is because of the circumstances of Rosalie’s birth – she was delivered at home by ambulance crew because my labour progressed so quickly. The midwife only arrived in time to deliver the placenta and stitch me up. The ambulance crew did an amazing job, but I suffered some terrible bruising which I am hoping might be largely avoided if a midwife is present, directing me when to push more gently.

On the assumption that my second labour will be equally as fast (if not faster), I think having a planned home birth really is the best option for us.

Hopes and fears

By having a planned home birth I hope to have some of the things I didn’t get with Rosalie:

  • delayed cord clamping (with Rosalie the cord snapped)
  • Skin to skin
  • Early first breastfeed

It was also unfortunate that with Rosalie, perhaps because we were unprepared for having her at home, her temperature was low and we ended up having to go to A&E on the night of her birth and I stayed in hospital with her overnight to get her temperature up. I hope that by being prepared for a home birth this time around we will be able to stay at home after the birth.

I do have concerns about things not going to plan, or having to transfer to hospital, but we have rationalised our decision by saying it’s better for the birth to be planned at home, rather than unplanned like last time, or worse, occurring on the A4 into Reading.

We are really lucky to have friends who have offered to take Rosalie if we need to transfer to hospital, or don’t want her around. But hopefully it will happen at night and she will stay asleep, waking up to meet her new little sister in the morning! I dare to dream!

I will share more about preparing for my home birth in a future post. At the moment I am still feeling very anxious due to the baby being transverse. It is crucial that this baby gets head down if we want to have her at home.

28 weeks pregnant  28 weeks pregnant

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