Dear Baby Girl: now you are three

Rosalie in the leaves

A letter to my daughter on her third birthday

Dear Rosalie,

 So today you turn three; how did that happen? I can’t believe you’ve been in our lives for three years, the time has gone so fast, yet in that time you have changed so much.

Probably the biggest moment for me was when you dropped your nap, and this combined with giving up nappies meant that my baby girl you were truly growing up.

Over the course of this year you have really begun to show your personality – you still love books and Teddy, you talk non-stop and love to ask questions, with your current favourite being “do you like [insert colour]?” (repeat for every colour imaginable!). You enjoy helping mummy around the house, especially with cooking, baking, hanging laundry and pairing socks.

One of the best things you mastered this year was learning to jump – once you got the hang of the whole two feet off the ground at the same time thing you were well away. You found a love for trampolines, and jumping off and over everything. You especially enjoy bouncing on your bed, and I don’t stop you because you are having so much fun!

You love exploring, and we’ve had quite a few adventures this year, lots of lovely days out with Daddy, making the most of each season. We didn’t have a holiday away this year, but we had a week of days out where you enjoyed going in the sea and building sandcastles at Boscombe; you had your first trip into London, to the Natural History Museum and to Hamleys; we went to our local splash park; and we took you to an adventure park! We have found the Gruffalo, Gruffalo’s Child and Stick Man and done numerous fun trails at our local National Trust Properties.

I think Autumn has been you’re favourite season this year – you found the colours of the leaves fascinating and although you got a bit sad when they started falling off the trees, you soon realised just how much fun kicking, jumping and rolling in the leaves can be!

Daddy was thrilled at the beginning of the year when we took you swimming again and you really enjoyed it – after a few false starts taking you to the swimming pool last year it was wonderful to see you enjoying being in the water. And each subsequent time we’ve taken you you’ve gone from strength to strength, gaining confidence in the water. Daddy loves swimming so it’s great that you can have some daddy-daughter time at the pool.

Your hair has been slow to grow but now you have a beautiful head of blonde curls which is getting longer every day.

I have really enjoyed starting to do more playful learning with you, working within themes and setting you up little activities. You love letters, colour sorting, stickers, sensory play and being creative. You learnt how to use scissors and for a few weeks the house was covered in bits of paper, so we made lots of collages!

The big news for our family this year has been that we are having another baby – you have taken to the idea of having a baby sister really well, and have started being more caring towards your dolls and soft toys. You like to talk to the baby and tell me what things you will do with her when you become a big sister. You showed great interest in the ‘What’s inside your tummy mummy?’ book , learning about the umbilical cord and what baby is like each month. I cannot wait for you to have a sibling and to see what you are like as a big sister.

This year has been a rollercoaster as you have shown your independence and determination – but we’ve made it through the tantrums with kisses and cuddles.

Rosalie in the leaves

This photo really sums your year three up – jumping, excitedly shouting, crazy curls flying, having a whale of a time, totally oblivious to anyone else. I hope you always stay wild and curious my tiny terror.

All my love,

Mummy xxxx

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