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homes and houses themed play

Our Playful Learning theme for February is going to be Homes and Houses. I partly chose this as I felt with a newborn in the house, a large portion of our days might be spent at home, but that I could make this fun for Rosalie if I planned it right.

As with last month, I have created a theme poster which I’ll stick up in Rosalie’s play space, to remind us what our themes are; you can use it too if you like – simply download the free printable Homes and Houses theme poster* then print it out and stick it up!

homes and houses theme poster

February’s playful learning activities

This post provides an outline of what we plan to do in February. I’ve included links to resources where appropriate, and to products where I thought it would be useful. I’ll share more details on some of the play set-ups once we’ve done them!

Crafts, messy & sensory play

Three Little Pigs small world – a small world set-up using the story of the Three Little Pigs as inspiration; I will use straws, lolly sticks and wooden bricks.

Learning – creativity, communication, language and literacy, fine motor, knowledge and understanding of the world.

Street scene craft – together we will make a street scene collage using scraps of paper – she enjoys cutting and sticking and these are both great for working those small hand muscles.

Learning – creativity, fine motor, communication.

Goldilocks sensory tray – a sensory tray with oats, to accompany the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Rosalie loves eating dry oats, so we’ll have to see how well this works!

Learning – sensory exploration, fine motor, literacy, communication.

Valentines craft – we had fun making a sun catcher for Christmas so I thought we could do another one for valentines day.

Learning – fine motor, creativity.

Animal homes – I have a lovely book Peep Inside Animal Homes, and using this I thought we could look at the different homes that animals live in, and perhaps go on an observation walk to see if we can spot any signs of animal homes.

Learning – knowledge and understanding of the world, communication, literacy, observation.

Create a house – I’ll set out a tray of loose parts with some house inspiration, and let her get creative.

Learning – creativity, fine motor, imagination.

Imagination and Role Play

Tea party role play – I plan to set up a little invitation to play tea parties, with play crockery, pretend food and some soft toys. Sometimes just setting out a few existing toys in a different way can give Rosalie the nudge to use her imagination differently.

Learning – imaginative play, communication.

Play kitchen – another toy that Rosalie loves but that fits nicely with this month’s theme is her play kitchen; we’ll pretend to cook and bake and wash up.

Learning – imaginative play, communication.

A Squash & a Squeeze role play – We love Julia Donaldson’s stories, and I thought A Squash and a Squeeze was the perfect story to complement our homes and houses theme. We will probably do some role play, some story sequencing and some size ordering activities.

Learning – literacy, creativity, communication, fine motor, imaginative play.


Shapes and Colours scavenger hunt – for February I have created a Shapes and Colours Scavenger hunt which I intend to use with Rosalie around the house, sending her off with her little basket to find something red, something square etc. This hunt could be used anywhere though, and if you’d like a copy, simply pop your email address in the sidebar or visit my exclusive content page.

Learning – communication, gross motor, sensory exploration, knowledge and understanding of the world.

Observation walk – we will go on an observation walk around our local area, seeing what types of buildings we can spot (free printable checklist to come!).

Learning – knowledge and understanding of the world, observation, gross motor.

Other fun

Homes and houses pre-writing activities – I’ll create some laminated house themed sheets for Rosalie to practice her pre-writing. She really enjoyed tracing her snowmen last month, and is getting really good with her pencil control too.

Learning – fine motor, communication.

Around the home matching game – a simple matching activity involving hunting for house themed words and pictures in a sensory tray.

Learning – language and literacy, communication.

House sorting activity – I have downloaded this house sorting activity from Twinkl (it’s free!) which involves cutting out various items found around the home and sticking them in the rooms.

Learning – fine motor, knowledge and understanding of the world.

Pancakes – not exactly homes and houses related, but Shrove Tuesday is on the 28th so we will definitely be making pancakes!

Learning – communication, fine motor, sensory exploration, creativity, numeracy.

Build a house – building houses with plastic or wooden blocks is one of Rosalie’s favourite activities (still), so I imagine we’ll do a fair bit of this.

Learning – creativity, fine motor, imagination.

Movies – Up! is one of my favourite movies (we even had the song ‘Married Life’ at our wedding) and I thought it would be a fun one to watch with Rosalie to link with our houses and homes theme this month.

Learning – knowledge and understanding of the world, literacy, imagination.

Books – I have selected four books this month to fit with our theme: The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, A Squash and a Squeeze, Peep inside Animal Homes.

Learning – language and literacy, communication, confidence.


Rosalie – 37 months


For more inspiration and ideas of activities to do with your toddler or preschooler related to homes and houses, take a look at my Pinterest board:

Don’t forget to download the free Homes and Houses theme poster* and stick it up in your playful learning space.

* Free printable terms of use


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