On the bookshelf in January

winter and snow themed books for toddlers

Our Playful Learning themes for January are Winter, Snow and Snowmen, so I have loaded Rosalie’s bookshelf with appropriate books to complement our activities. Luckily (I planned it that way!) she got a number of wintry books in her book advent calendar.

 So here’s what’s on our bookshelf this month:

winter and snow themed books for toddlers

Charlie Crow in the Snow

 A delightful story that looks at how things change in winter – the leaves fall off Charlie’s tree, the water in his stream turns to glass, and he is missing his friends – he doesn’t understand what’s going on, but a little friend helps him.

The Nursery Collection: Winter

Shirley Hughes is an old favourite, and this lovely collection of wintry poems sums up all the delights of the season. I got this as part of a ten book collection from The Book People.

Bella Gets Her Skates On

We first borrowed this from the library and Rosalie loved it; she’s been asking to go ice skating so I think we might have to take her (well, Daddy will have to take her because at 37 weeks pregnant I’m not sure ice skating would be advised!). It’s a lovely story about baby rabbit gaining confidence.

Foxes in the Snow

This story has gorgeous illustrations and is about two little fox cubs who are told by their mother to stay in the den whilst she looks for food. Cheeky little fox cubs that they are they head out to explore and get their first experience of snow, but the snow comes rather fast and they are soon lost…

winter and snow themed books for toddlers

Jack Frost

Another wonderful tale that focuses on the changing of the seasons. A boy, whose friends are hibernating, makes a new friend in Jack Frost and they spend an enchanting winter playing together, until one day the boys sees something that makes Jack Frost disappear…

 You Make Me Smile

I included this on Rosalie’s December bookshelf, but I had to leave it up because it’s about a snowman! It’s a delightful tale, similar to The Snowman, about a little girl who is thrilled to see the first snowfall of winter and makes a snowman with a twig smile so that they can share a special moment. She looks forward to making the snowman again as the seasons pass. Essentially it’s a book about friendship and how a simple smile can make someone happy. The pictures are wonderful and the words are minimal making it perfect for toddlers.

Say Hello to the Snowy Animals

This was another book which we originally got from the library and Rosalie loved – the rhyming is fun and it introduces toddlers to cold climate animals. There is a touchy-feely version which is lovely – even I couldn’t resist!

Betty and the Yeti

This is a really cute story with rhyming text and lovely illustrations. It also has some good messages, perfect for toddlers. 

Rabbits in the snow – a book of opposites

I’m not sure that Rosalie really understood about opposites before reading this book, but now she does! It’s a sweet, short, wintry tale with simple opposites on each spread, big and small, empty and full, for example. I’d recommend this to anyone looking to introduce their toddler to the concept of opposites this winter.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for wintry and snowy books!

9 brilliant snow themed books for toddlers

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