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house tracing pre-writing activity

Since Matilda was born on the fourth of this month, I am sad to say that, despite my best efforts to be prepared, our Homes and Houses themed activities have fallen by the wayside a little. But this week, with Jim back at work, I created Rosalie this house tracing printable for some pre-writing, pencil control and fine motor practice to keep her busy.

To do this activity with your toddler, simply download the free house tracing printable, print it out and laminate it*. Set your child up with the printable and a whiteboard or dry wipe pen, and let them try and trace the dotted lines.

You don’t have to laminate it, but then it would be a single use sheet, and I’m all about the reusable activities I can pull out quickly. If you don’t have a laminator you could put the sheet into a poly pocket.

Playful learning

Tracing activities provide toddlers with wonderful opportunities to work on their fine motor and pencil control skills, without even realising. To them they are having fun making marks and trying to follow dotted lines, but it takes a lot of control and concentration for them to stick to the lines. Their developing hand muscles will be working hard so they might not be able to spend too long doing tracing before they just want to scribble or do something else.

Encourage them to wipe the sheet clean themselves too!


I’d be delighted to know if you enjoy this activity – do leave me a comment or tag me on social media with photos of your toddlers enjoying my free printables!

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*Please read my free printable terms of use before downloading and using my resources, thank you.

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