Welford Park Snowdrops {Adventures in Berkshire}

Welford Park Snowdrops

This post is a little late, since we visited the Welford Park snowdrops several weeks ago, but as it was our first proper outing as a family of four, I wanted to write it up for posterity.

Matilda was only three weeks old and it felt rather exciting to be venturing out with our new tiny person! She did sleep through the entire outing though…

Snoozing instead of viewing the Welford Park Snowdrops

Welford Park

Welford Park is a private home, but they open for a short period each year for ‘snowdrop viewing’. They’re now closed, but you should definitely mark your calendar to visit next year, it’s so worth it.

Welford Park Snowdrops

My photos probably don’t do them justice, but the snowdrops literally carpet the whole floor of the woods.

It was fairly busy when we went, and probably would be whichever day we chose to go, because they’re open for such a short period of time. But the woods are extensive so there are plenty of opportunities to take photos, or just stand and marvel at the sheer quantity of snowdrops.

The snowdrops and us

Welford Park Snowdrops Welford Park Snowdrops Welford Park Snowdrops Welford Park Snowdrops Welford Park Snowdrops Welford Park Snowdrops Welford Park Snowdrops

Access and facilities

Parking was in a field across the road from the park; stewards were directing cars where to park and providing safe crossing for pedestrians to access the site. It was a short five minute walk from the car to the entrance.

The main route through the woods was perfectly suitable for our pram, if a little bumpy in places (although Matilda didn’t seem to mind).

There are toilets, a shop and a tearoom (we didn’t try these out).

Simply stunning display of snowdrops

Welford Park will re-open for Snowdrop viewing around February 2018. We had a wonderful day and I’m sure you will too.

Welford Park Snowdrops

Oh, and see if your toddler gets tired of smelling the snowdrops, just to see if they all smell the same!

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