Eight weeks old {Matilda’s Diary}

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks

It’s predictable, but I’m going to say it anyway. How is my baby girl eight weeks old already? The time has raced by and I feel like she’s changed quite a bit over the past four weeks; she’s much more alert and can stay awake for a period of time before needing to sleep, and she doesn’t always wake up screaming for food anymore, thankfully.

The past four weeks has also been a month of firsts, with a first bath and first smiles!

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks


We had been keeping Matilda downstairs with us in the evenings but it wasn’t really working – she wouldn’t settle and it was frustrating for us all, so we decided to try putting her up in her carrycot with the babycam on after her bedtime feed. This worked really well and she would sleep then until 2 or 3am. We did try waking her for a feed when we went to bed at 11pm, but it didn’t seem to make her wake later for the next feed so we gave up on that.

Once she was big enough we put her in a sleeping bag as she kept kicking off her covers. She is almost at the limit of the carrycot in terms of length so it won’t be long until she needs to go into the cot!

So at the moment we put her to bed around 8pm, in her sleeping bag in the carrycot in our bedroom, and she will sleep until around 3 or 4 am. After a quick feed she’ll then go back down for another three or so hours.

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks


She has between 600 and 700 ml of milk, spread over six or seven feeds. Although we feed on demand she is definitely settling herself into a sort of routine. We’ve cracked making bottles quickly, and on-the-go, although it does feel like I have to carry a lot of feeding paraphernalia with me when I leave the house!

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks


At her last weigh-in, at six weeks and six days old, Matilda was 4.96 kg, and is just above the 50th percentile. She’s grown out of most of her newborn sleepsuits now, sob. She’s currently wearing 0-3 month clothes.


Matilda is a lot more alert now, and will happily ‘play’ with me for up to 30 minutes before getting cranky and needing a sleep. Her eyes are so bright, like she’s really taking everything in. She loves studying faces.

Her first smiles were heart-melting and are becoming more frequent every day. She still reserves her best smiles for the curtains (bold prints) and the large black and white photographs of Rosalie that are in the living room directly above where I sit to feed her.

I give her tummy time every day, and her head and neck are getting really strong.

She’s getting quite chatty and I adore the sound of her coos.

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks

Favourite things

Sleep, being rocked in mummy’s arms, daddy’s face, watching Rosalie play, the bouncy chair, being carried in the Boba wrap, bath time.

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks

Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks Matilda's Diary - 8 weeks

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