On the Farm and Easter {playful learning}

on the farm play setup

Our Playful Learning home preschool theme for April is On the Farm. Spring is a great time to learn about the farm as we will hopefully get to see some baby animals! We’ll also be doing some Easter crafts, activities and baking.

Our theme poster is already stuck up in Rosalie’s play space, to remind us what our theme is. If you’d like to join in and use it too, simply download the free printable On the Farm theme poster* then print it out and stick it up!

on the farm theme poster - playful learning from picnics in the rain

April’s playful learning activities

This post just provides an outline of what we plan to do throughout the month. I’ve included links to resources where appropriate, and to products where I thought it would be useful. I try to share details on some of the play set-ups once we’ve done them, either on Instagram or here on the blog.

I like to have a theme as it gives some focus to our days, but these activities really only take up a tiny portion of our time. The majority of our days Rosalie spends enjoying free play with her toys, visiting the park, looking at books, ‘helping’ with chores/accompanying me on errands, exploring/walking and watching some television or using the iPad. In case you thought we were crafting all day every day, we’re not!


Learning – creativity, fine motor, communication.

Scarecrow craft – something fun and easy for a preschooler to make, and we’ll no doubt sing a few rounds of Dingle Dangle Scarecrow whilst we make it!

Pom pom sheep – Rosalie loves pom poms but we’ve not yet made our own; I can remember doing it with wool as a child; we’ll make some pom poms then turn them into sheep, baaaa.

Paper plate farm animals – we love a paper plate craft. Doesn’t this sheep look adorable?

Sensory & messy play

Learning – sensory exploration, fine motor, literacy, communication.

Farm themed sensory tray – a sensory tray with corn, farm animals and tools.

Pigs in the mud – messy play with the farm animals in chocolate angel delight!

Animal washing – I’ll probably set this up in the tuff spot, with soil to get the animals muddy and a bowl of soapy water and a brush to scrub the animals clean.

Exploring & outdoor fun

Learning – gross motor, observation, sensory exploration, knowledge and understanding of the world.

Farm visit and scavenger hunt – for April I’ve created an On the Farm scavenger hunt which we’ll take out with us when we go on a little trip to one of the local farm parks. If you’d like a copy of the scavenger hunt, simply pop your email address in the sidebar or visit my exclusive content page (you’ll also get the scavenger hunt printables for January to March too!).

Sowing seeds – we’ll do some more cress as that is really good for impatient toddlers; we’ll also plant radishes and lettuce in the garden (Rosalie has been quite taken with radishes lately and enjoys the book Rosie Plants a Radish)

Easter egg hunt – we like to pick a National Trust property to visit over Easter as they run wonderful trails, we plan to go to Mottisfont this year. I’ll also set up a hunt for Rosalie in the garden.

Animal gross motor activity – I saw these movement cards on Pinterest and I know Rosalie will love this activity.

Cooking & baking

Learning – communication, fine motor, sensory exploration, creativity, numeracy.

Easter nests – it wouldn’t be Easter in our house if we didn’t have Easter nests!

Easter bonnet biscuits – pretty much what it says, biscuits that look like Easter bonnets – blog post to follow.

Bread – I thought making bread might be a fun way to talk about the process of wheat being grown by farmers to be turned into flour to make bread.

Popcorn – because it’s fun and Rosalie really enjoyed the ‘Do You Know’ (CBeebies) episode where Maddie shows how the corn pops!

Other playful learning ideas

Farm themed numeracy activity – I’ve put together a really simple numeracy activity with a farm theme – blog post to follow.

Learning – numeracy, fine motor, communication.

Farm animal Lego –  Last month I introduced Lego to our playful learning and together we designed and built a rainbow. This month we’ll attempt to make an animal.

Learning – creativity, fine motor, spatial awareness.

What the Ladybird Heard story basket – Rosalie knows the story well, so a story basket will provide opportunity for her role play as well as use her imagination.

Learning – communication, literacy and language, sensory exploration, imagination.

Old MacDonald Lotto – we love Orchard Toys and Old MacDonald Lotto is a firm favourite here!

Learning – memory, language and literacy, communication, confidence.

Farm snap – the Usborne Farm Snap cards are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers – the cards are big and sturdy and the illustrations are simple and jolly (they’re drawn by Rachel Wells who does the ‘That’s not my…’ books)

Learning – language and literacy, communication, confidence.

Books – to fit with our theme: What the Ladybird Heard, Peep Inside: Farm, The Scarecrows’ Wedding

Learning – language and literacy, communication, confidence.


Rosalie – 39 months


For more On the Farm activity ideas to do with your toddler or preschooler, take a look at my Pinterest board:

For more Spring and Easter inspiration and activity ideas, check out this Pinterest board:

Don’t forget to download the free On the Farm poster* and stick it up in your playful learning space.

* Free printable terms of use


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