Twelve weeks old {Matilda’s Diary}

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old

Where has my newborn baby gone? Matilda is far from newborn now; at nearly three months old she’s so alert during the day, sleeps through the night, is super nosey during feeds and is generally such a happy, smiley baby.

I absolutely adore watching her change and develop each day, but I did shed a tear whilst putting her newborn sleepsuits away!

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old


The majority of nights Matilda will sleep through – we put her to bed around 8pm, in her sleeping bag in the carrycot next to our bed, and she will sleep until around 6 am. Sometimes she wakes at around 3 or 4 am for a feed. We don’t really have any routine for naps during the day, she just sleeps when she’s tired.

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old


I don’t really keep track of how much milk Matilda has now that we know she’s growing well. I reckon she has around 700 ml of milk, spread over five or six feeds.

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old


I haven’t had Matilda weighed since the last update, but we know she’s growing well – she’s grown out of her newborn sleepsuits and is on the limit of her 0-3 month clothes. I’ve sorted out and washed all Rosalie’s old 3-6 month clothes in readiness.

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old


The best development has been seeing her smiles become bigger and more frequent. It’s really easy to make her smile and I just love it. I can’t get enough of her cheeky face!

She has also become very chatty, and will coo away for ages in conversation with me.

I give her tummy time most days, and her head and neck are getting really strong.

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old

 Favourite things

Chatting, smiling, sleeping at night, watching Rosalie play, playing with mummy.

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old

Matilda's Diary - 12 weeks old

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