Sixteen weeks old {Matilda’s diary}

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

I’m a week late writing this, life just seems to be so hectic at the moment! But I didn’t want to just skip over Tildy’s 16 weeks update since the past four weeks have been tremendous with lots of new experiences for Matilda and we have seen quite a few changes in her too.

We took her on holiday where she had her first experience of the beach; we’ve also been swimming as a family and she seemed pretty unfazed by it all! She’s pretty much outgrown the pram/carrycot now, so I’ve started taking her out in the pushchair – she looks so tiny in it, but I think she is enjoying being a bit more upright and being able to look around more.

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update


Matilda has been sleeping through the night for quite a long time, so there is no real change there, except that she has now learnt to self soothe, so if she does wake, most of the time she’s able to settle herself back to sleep, by sucking her fingers. We moved her into the big cot and she wasn’t fazed at all!

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

She didn’t have much of a nap routine in the day before, but I’ve found over the last month that she tends to need a short morning nap after her first feed, and then a long (maybe two to three hour) nap after lunch. This means I now get a block of time to dedicate to Rosalie.

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

Feeding & Weight

When we last had Matilda weighed she was 6kg and is well into 3-6 month clothes now. She’s hovering just below the 50th percentile. She usually takes around 180ml at each feed, and has four or five bottles per day.

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update


What a month! I couldn’t believe it when I left her on her back on the play mat and came back to find her on her tummy! She isn’t rolling all the time, but every now and again she will surprise us with a roll from back to front. She’s quite good at front to back.

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

She’s been reaching out to grab at stuff (quite often my hair) for a while and really enjoys the toys that hang from her bouncy chair and pushchair now. She’s able to hold her tiny shakers and small rattles for a short while too.

We’ve had the very first baby giggles this month and they are amazing – is there anything better than hearing a baby laughing?

Favourite things

Her big sister, smiling, Freddie the firefly, mummy singing songs and rhymes, being tickled, bouncing in her chair, dribbling, kicking and stamping.

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

Matilda's Diary - 16 week update Matilda's Diary - 16 week update Matilda's Diary - 16 week update

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