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It’s been quite a while since I wrote a blog post. I didn’t intend to take a break from blogging, but life sort of got in the way and I couldn’t seem to find the drive to get back into it. But since I primarily blog for myself, and as a record of my growing family, I felt a bit sad that I had abandoned Picnics in the Rain. Not least for the photos – blogging forces me to edit and order my photos into collections that I want to look at.


Anyway, I thought I’d do a little ‘life lately’ post to document some of things we got up to this summer.

Our home

We’ve been simultaneously decluttering our ‘spare’ room and switching up the girls’ rooms and this has been pretty time consuming. Matilda is still in our room at the moment, but when the rooms are finished the girls will be sharing a bedroom. We have turned the nursery (what would have been Matilda’s room) into a playroom and although it isn’t quite finished it is a fantastic space for them – I’ve included lots of toy storage, a pretend play area with dressing up and the play kitchen, and a craft table with boxes for craft and junk modelling supplies. We are now midway through switching our spare room/office/music room/junk room with Rosalie’s bedroom, so that the girls will have a larger room for sharing.

Missing daddy

Jim went away to San Francisco for two and a half weeks at the end of June – we really missed him and Matilda noticeably changed during his absence which was sad for him. We video called every day which Rosie enjoyed, but it just isn’t the same. Solo parenting was actually not too tough – I got into a routine with doing both their bedtimes and getting the bottles washed, and I will admit to having a little human hot water bottle for a few nights.


At the beginning of the summer we started going to a lovely Nature Tots group at our local Wildlife Trust reserve – it starts at 9.30 so is a bit of a manic rush bundling everyone out of the house to make it, but it’s so worth it! The lady who runs it (and her volunteers) put in so much effort to make it fun but educational.

nature tots

We spent many days of summer either at the park, the canal, the woods or just in the garden. We had fun at the splash park, spent time with friends, had BBQs, visited the museum, went blackberrying and baked cakes. Life just rolled on without us really realising!


I turned 34 and celebrated with a day at The Lookout Discovery Centre in Bracknell – Rosalie’s choice – and an evening of pizza and a movie – my choice!

Rosalie spent a week away from home, staying with Granny and Grandad. She had never stayed away from home before, in fact, she’d never been apart from me for more than a few hours before. I was a little apprehensive as to how the week would go, but she was amazing. She had lots of fun and kept my parents and sister on their toes – I think they were ready for a rest when she left!


I’m not sure whether it’s because of Matilda, or because she’s nearly four, but Rosalie seems so grown up sometimes now. She is a really confident, curious little girl. She asked me to teach her to read so we’ve started with that and she’s doing so well. She had her first ballet class and enjoyed it so much we’ve signed up for the term – she was definitely the most confident (but least obedient) child in the class and the teacher says her mind wanders but she’s enthusiastic, and that’s what matters.


In the ongoing story of Rosalie’s slow-growing hair, well, it might not be thick and long, but it’s certainly big and attracts a lot of attention (I manage to tame it a little for ballet class, see above!). I love her curls and pretty much everyone we meet comments on them, and then I nearly always get asked where she gets her hair from, so I thought I’d share this photo of me at the same age as Rosalie…



Our little Tildy tot has changed so much since I last wrote an update (I will write another one soon), but in short, she’s now crawling all over the place and eats literally anything and everything that she finds…

matilda's first tooth

Life is busy and the days just vanish, but I wouldn’t change a thing, except maybe for time to slow down.

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    October 2, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Good to see that youโ€™ve got your blogging mojo back!

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