Eight months old {Matilda’s diary}

How has it been five months since I wrote a post for Matilda’s diary? So so much has happened in terms of her development, I feel a little sad that stages have come and gone without me recording them here. The baby days really do zoom by. Still, better late than never I suppose. She’s nearly nine months, but I’m calling this her eight month update.



Matilda has been sleeping through the night since she was a few months old and thankfully she continues to do so – I know how lucky I am. A few weeks ago we moved her out of our room and the girls now share a bedroom – so far it’s going well. A couple of nights, due to teething and a cold, we had to pop her into the travel cot in our room in the middle of the night so she didn’t wake Rosalie.


She still has two (sometimes three) naps per day; one in the morning and a long one in the afternoon.


We started Matilda on solids at around 6 months old – she still wasn’t sitting up by herself so we began with purees and she seemed to take to them pretty well. We did total baby-led weaning with Rosalie and we spent a lot of time worrying if she was actually eating any food, so it was somewhat comforting with spoon-feeding Matilda to know exactly how much she was eating. Now she mostly has finger foods and is doing really well, trying everything we give her and not many dislikes so far. She has dropped down to three milk feeds per day.


We haven’t had her weighed but she currently wears 6-9 month clothes so I’m guessing she’s still hanging around the 50th percentile. When I get out the old baby clothes I look at them in disbelief, it seems no time at all since Rosalie was wearing them.

Teething has been quite troublesome with some unsettled nights and cranky days (Rosalie didn’t seem to notice her teeth coming through). We now have two bottom teeth but I think some top ones might appear soon…

matilda's first tooth

Developments & Firsts

Crawling, first commando crawling but she is starting to get up on her knees now. 

Sitting up by herself.

Pulling herself up onto her knees

Grabbing anything and everything and usually shoving said thing straight into her mouth.

Lots of chatting, mostly da da sounds.

First go on a swing (she looks less than thrilled here but she did enjoy it!).

matilda - first go on swing

Matilda genuinely is a very smiley baby, so it is a little strange seeing her look so serious here.

Favourite things

Her big sister, daddy, smiling and laughing, blueberries and cheese, crawling around causing mischief, kicking and stamping, paper.


The days when she would pretty much stay where I put her are looooong gone!

matilda 20 weeks matilda


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