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toddler on the common
My family

My baby girl is 30 months old

I can’t quite believe that my baby girl is 30 months – two and a half years old – it seems like she only just turned two, I honestly don’t…

Me & Mine Family Portrait May 2016
My family

Me & Mine – May 2016

Well, I know I probably say this every month, but seriously, where has May gone? I was completely unprepared for this weekend being the last in May so our photos…

My family

Learning to jump

When Rosalie had her 27 month review she got ‘marked down’ because she couldn’t jump forward with two feet off the ground. It’s odd isn’t it? Jumping seems so easy…

jess & jim signing register
My family

Five years

Five years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry my best friend of ten years. It was an absolutely perfect day – the weather was warm, the only…

Me & Mine April 2016
My family

Me & Mine – April 2016

So April was a bit of a crazy month weather-wise wasn’t it? We’ve had lots of beautiful sunshine but this past week has been so chilly and we even had…

toddler in springtime
My family

Little person, big personality

When I look back at pictures of newborn Rosalie I see this tiny, helpless little thing with a whole future ahead of her – nothing fixed, changing every day, inching…

Me and Mine March 2016 - 1
My family

Me & Mine – March 2016

I am so glad that I checked the weather forecast before the weekend and took these photos on Good Friday when the sun was shining! We had beautiful weather all…

Me and Mine - Feb 16
My family

Me & Mine – February 2016

Guess what? I was really organised this month and we took some family portraits in the middle of the month! I didn’t leave our Me & Mine’s until the last…

Now you are two
My family

Dear Baby Girl: Now You Are Two

Dear Rosalie, It’s been over a month since your second birthday, how time flies, and how slack of me to not have written this post before now! We had such…