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exploring frozen puddles
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Raising curious kids

Children are curious by nature, they ask a lot of questions, and rightly so; the world is a complex place for little ones (and adults) to comprehend, and it is…

big girl bed

Moving to a big girl bed

A few weeks ago, when Rosalie was showing signs of imminently climbing out of her cot, we decided we’d order her a new bed. I didn’t want to wait for…

happy baby
Motherhood, Parenting


I’m writing this whilst Rosalie naps, and whilst the house is peaceful and I’m looking through my photos, it’s hard to imagine that she can be anything other than angelic.…


The Thrifty List of Essential Baby Items

After becoming pregnant with Rosalie and signing up with a few pregnancy related websites, I suddenly felt inundated with information about different products and items that I needed to get…