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Baking Bible Challenge

rock cakes

Bakes #70-75 {Baking Bible Challenge}

Although I haven’t been posting much about it lately (an unfortunate side effect of being pregnant was a complete lack of desire to bake, or be around cooking smells at…

Walnut Teabread

#68 Walnut Teabread {Baking Bible Challenge}

If you’ve never made teabread then you really should – it’s so easy and really delicious. And whoever thought of spreading cake with butter is a genius! Two of my…

Oat Rounds

#67 Oat Rounds {Baking Bible Challenge}

Oh my, these biscuits are seriously delicious! I honestly considered making another batch before the first batch was even used up! Not only are they tasty but they are also…

Mini Cakes

#66 Mini Cakes {Baking Bible Challenge}

A few weeks ago, on a rainy morning, Rosalie and I set to making these mini cakes – I thought they would be quick to make and fun for her…

bunny rabbit birthday cake

#63 Bunny Rabbit Birthday Cake

For Rosalie’s second birthday I made her this bunny rabbit birthday cake – I thought at two she would get quite a kick out of seeing this cute little creature…