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Baby Play (0-2 years)

pigs in mud taste-safe messy play

Pigs in mud messy play

This is a super fun taste-safe messy play activity for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, anyone really! I set this up for Rosalie to fit with our On the Farm theme this…


Yogurt Painting – Baby Suitable Festive Crafts

Despite being full of cold, Rosalie put in a valiant effort with the yogurt painting yesterday. Some babies like to snuggle when they’re sick, but Rosalie isn’t really a cuddly…


Sensory Play – Dyed Rice {How to}

Last week I dyed Rosalie lots of rice so that we could have some sensory play time together. I followed a ‘recipe’ from Happy Hooligans. What do you need? 1…

baby and book

Fostering a love of books

It is never too early to introduce your baby to books – Rosalie had her very first book in her Christmas stocking at just 4 days old! Admittedly it was…