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Grab a book and climb aboard

Something wonderful has happened to Rosalie over the last few weeks. Something that makes my heart melt every time she does it. Lots of Rosalie’s books are stowed on the…

Batmouse book review

Batmouse {What We’re Reading}

Over the last couple of weeks Rosalie’s interest in books seems to have taken a bit of a leap. She has started to enjoy longer stories, and will actually sit…

Elmer's New Friend book review

Elmer’s New Friend {What We’re Reading}

Since receiving Elmer’s Friends in her Bookstart pack, Rosalie has formed a fond attachment to the little patchwork elephant. I suspect it is the bright colours that she likes, but…


Out and About {What We’re Reading}

It is wonderful now that Rosalie gets excited about going out – she points at her coat and when we’re out and about she shows much more interest in things,…


baby sees Christmas {What We’re Reading}

I’m desperate for Rosalie to show some excitement towards Christmas, but I think she’s just too young. So I’ve chosen a bit of a different book this week – I’m…


Little Bear Won’t Sleep! {What We’re Reading)

Rosalie was given Little Bear Won’t Sleep! (by Christine Swift) by her Aunty quite a few months ago and it is lovely – the illustrations are gorgeous and it’s a really sweet…