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10 tips to achieve a successful bake

I love to bake, and since embarking upon my Baking Bible Challenge (a personal challenge I set for myself to bake all 219 recipes in Mary Berry’s Baking Bible) I…


#65 Devil’s Food Cake {Baking Bible Challenge}

My first bake from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible Challenge for 2016 was this Devil’s Food Cake, which I made for Jim’s birthday. I have to say, I was really disappointed…


#64 Buche de Noel {Baking Bible Challenge}

I’m not the biggest fan of traditional Christmas cake, so decided to make Buche de Noel this year – I made and filled the chocolate swiss roll ahead of time…


#60 Apricot Swiss Cakes {Baking Bible Challenge}

These were a spur of the moment bake when a friend said she was dropping in for tea at the weekend. Although they are called ‘cakes’, once I’d looked at…


#56 Queen Cakes {Baking Bible Challenge}

We had a mummy daughter baking session this morning, and the result was these Queen Cakes – I wanted to choose a recipe that was really simple so that Rosalie…


#53 Chocolate Swiss Roll {Baking Bible Challenge}

What else was I going to do with leftover double cream? Whipping up a chocolate swiss roll whilst Rosalie took a nap seemed like a perfect idea. It’s pretty straightforward…


#50 Chocolate Chip Brownies {Baking Bible Challenge}

Woohoo! 50 bakes in to my challenge! I can’t believe it; I only started this challenge less than a year ago. In celebration, I present bake number fifty…Chocolate Chip Brownies.…


#47 Melting Moments {Baking Bible Challenge}

Melting moments are something I remember making a lot when I was younger; they’re simple and fun to make. I did have a small issue with them spreading and joining…