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cheesy ladybird biscuits - easy toddler recipe from Picnics in the Rain

Cheesy Ladybird Biscuits {Recipe}

We kicked off our Bugs theme last week by making these Cheesy Ladybird Biscuits! They’re so simple to make, Rosalie is 3.5 years and was able to do much by herself.…

toddler eating flour

How to get started baking with your toddler

The thought of baking with your toddler might bring you out in a cold sweat – the mess, the hazards, the potential for tantrums and the inevitable clean-up. But honestly,…

Toddler baking

What can toddlers learn from baking?

How much fun is it getting stuck into some baking with your little one? One of the things I was most looking forward to about having children was being able…

chocolate coconut crunch

Chocolate Coconut Crunch {Recipe}

This is a recipe from my childhood, is incredibly easy and quick to make – perfect for making with the kids. *update* Rosalie and I made these quite successfully together…